Sleeper’s Reign – Four Dots.

Lately this blog kinda turned into a Belgian Music Blog, because 7/10 we’ve posted about another fantastic Belgian artist making a new song/remix: Moonlight Matters, Protection Patrol Pinkerton, Girls In Hawaii, The Living Islands, Float Fall, PAON… all beautiful Belgian gems which should conquer the whole wide world. To convince everyone, here’s another gems to be added to that list: Sleepers’ Reign.
We’ve noticed this band already a few times on gigposters and websites like, but now we are finally posting about them with their first single being released. You can listen to the FANTASTIC track “Four Dots” and their great Bob Dylan cover of “Like a Rolling Stone” below. Just close your eyes, put on some headphones and press play. Float away and let the beautiful voice take you on a fantastic 6min journey.

Buy their music here, or download “Four Dots” over at HUMO.

Posted: April 16th, 2013
Categories: indie
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