Float Fall – Someday.

Some more gold coming out in these rainy dayz in Bloody, bloody Belgium. They go by the name of Float Fall and they are so damn cool. I mean very cool. Cool as a hipster wearing Supreme Being clothing combined with old skool vans while making photographs with his diana mini. Yeah, THAT cool! The peeps from Belgium probably already know this band from a gig are so, but now we can listen to their first official single! yay!
“Someday” is a true gem, in all the meanings of the word.
Shiny, because the song lights up our day. Even when we would walk outside at 23h29 and play this song, the sun would rise again to listen with us. It’s just so beautiful.
Brilliant, because it just is.
Timeless, because we can imagine this song will last forever. Maybe (or probably not) in the mainstream jungle, but on our ipod and in our vinyl collection (released on a limited 7” on Record Store Day) this song will be played daily for a very, very long time.

Okay this is turning out to be a ridiculous post. Just listen and enjoy!

Posted: March 21st, 2013
Categories: indie
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