Compact Disk Dummies – The Reeling.

Didn’t I just said something about great Belgian bands in my last post? Another band to prove this statement! Compact Disk Dummies caused a little earthquake in the Belgian rockscene when they won Humo’s Rock Rally. A rock rally which had a lot of famous Belgian rock bands as participants (think dEUS, Goose, School is Cool, Steak Number Eight…). ROCK bands. And now an electroband won. WTF. How could they!

But we are so damn open minded, we didn’t care one shit about this and really enjoyed the sounds these two brothers make. Now CDD have a first official single out, it’s called “The Reeling” and sure nows have to make our body move. Supercatchy electropop at it’s best. Check out the track below! Their full EP “Mess With Us” will be out on 11/03/2013.

Posted: February 23rd, 2013
Categories: electropop
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