Wavves – Demon to lean on.

The Rusty Blog Favorites WAVVES promised us a brand new track coming from their new album “Afraid of Heights” today. After the already delicious and so damn catchy “Sail to the sun”, we were very excited to hear some more poppy and quality punkrock. “Demon to Lean On” isn’t really what we hoped for, but still has that classic Wavves (aka very cool) touch on it. We hear a very big Weezer kind of approach with the melodic guitar in the track. But it still is wavves: tons of layers of noise and loud guitars are pushing the melody to the background making it a cumbersome kind of track which is ideal to destroy everything near you while dancing around. The melody seems to bore the singer in some kind of way, but not us! Screaming along with it, is what we must do! Check it out:

Posted: January 29th, 2013
Categories: pop, punk, rock
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