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Louder Than Ever

As promised, a post with some indierock and guitars! In fact, a post with free indietracks! First up is the brand new single from the upcoming Cold War Kids-album “Mine Is Yours”. Their third album till now, and after listening to the track for a couple of times, I’m curious about the new album. It sounds very promising, just as almost every CWK song ever written! Just like their Ep “Behave Yourself”, CWK is starting to sound more smoothly. I still prefer the choas from their debut album, but the new direction they are heading to is still TRB-approved! Have a listen to the free track and get ready because the album will be released on February 15th…

Cold War Kids – Louder Than Ever

via Cold War Kids – Louder Than Ever.

Another free track is by upcoming band Reading Rainbows. This duo makes some vintage pop music which reminds me a bit of L7, Jenny and Johnny, Dum Dum Girls, Two Wounded Birds or something like that. But enough with the equations; The most important thing is, they give you a free song and it’s really cool! Just check it out and love it!

03 – Reading Rainbow – Always On My Mind by statemagazine

Third track is by Buffalo Tom. His last cd is from 2007, but now they are back! The new album is coming out in February 2011 and will be called “Skins”. As a cool sneakpreview, check this out:

Buffalo Tom – Arise, Watch


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Dilly Boys mixtape!

After my first hindu-nights experience a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided every night and every party should be filled with rock ‘n roll, indie and soul. You can listen to your itunes for that, but it’s so much cooler when you can listen to a mixtape filled with classics and hip tunes… Problem is this ain’t easy to make and a lot of dj’s choose to mix easy beats and no guitars… Sad story, untill now! Dilly Boys from the awesome Dilly Blog are dj’ing since February 2009 and doing it great! You want some proof? They are residents on Hindu Nights and made this very nice mixtape! Starting of great with The Beatles and The Vines and mixing it with The Supremes, The Clash, Gorillaz, The Smiths … and closing with Joy Division. This is music, dude! Not everything is mixed smoothly but the track selection makes up for that! Not let’s have a party and shout out loud “I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day!”.

Dilly Boys DJ-set by DillyBoys

Enjoy this very hard!

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Posted: November 28th, 2010
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Checked our mailbox and got 4 great things for you guys! First up, a nice mixtape and some cool remixes made by the guys from Et Electro Pour Tous. A great electro blog, unfortunately a bit in the off-modus lately. But they make that up with you, by making these very cool remixes and tapes. We can offer you a lot of stuff, but we selected our favourites. If you want more than shown below: All EEPT shizzle can be checked out and downloaded on their soundcloud! Ready? Let’s go:

Et Electro Pour Tous – November mixtape

To begin with, a nice tape which mixes electro with dubstep and drum ‘n bass. Very nice job! Party hard!

Soda n Suds – Heavy (Et Electro Pour Tous Remix)

The same great drums as intro in this remix but with a little extra bleeps. I still prefer the original, but gotta admit this track can make a party go to the next partying level with the extra groovy touch…

Headz’ Up – Bomboclad (Et Electro Pour Tous remix)

Another crazy remix right here: the EEPT remix for Bomboclad by Headz’ Up. Again these guys add some very funky touch to this track!

Second producer is Polydor! He recently made a remix for Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki’s “Brrrat!” on the Midnight Munchies label. It sounds really promising, especially knowing it’s Polydors first release ever! You can listen to a preview, check the link below. To be honest, I don’t really love the original track but I do love this Polydor remix! You Like it too? Buy it on Beatport! And as a little extra, this guy made one very nice mixtape especially for you with some very hot tracks! Check it out, and discover Polydor’s talent! (and his second remix, this time for Audiofuns “Go”)

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki – Brrrat (Polydor Remix)

Polydor November mix

Third surprise for you guys: Talented Natsuko are back! Remixing South Central’s “Demons”, they attack us with another trashbomb! It’s hard, it’s crazy, it’s trash out of hell! Love! Listen on soundcloud or just get it here:

Natsuko – Demons (South Central voice)

Last but not least, we present you: Chip Banger Records! This record label gives you some cool and hard gameboy bleeps! Electro classics like “Pourriture 7″, “Phantom pt.1″ and “Testarossa rmx” are sounding so cool and original in these version! An promo Ep with these tracks is available as a free download, check the link below. But they also have a promising artist who released his first Ep! Bleepshit (suitable name!) shows his talent on the “Phase One” ep, which you can hear and buy here!

Chip Banger Records Vol​.​1 (free EP!)

Enjoy this hard stuff!

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Crunchy stuff.

Got two beautiful things for you! First up another amazing remix by Jealov. After Sean Paul, another R&b star got remixed in style. Hot momma Beyoncé has a lot of hits, Jealov took “Naughty Girl” and made it into something beautiful. The funky beats got replaced by faltering beats which make this song soft and ideal when kickin’ it back and relaxing. Perfect for this winter weather and all the snow surrounding us.. Check it out, again a free download!

Beyoncé – N4UGHTY GIR1 (Jealov Remix) by Jealov

Second band I want to talk about, is in the same genre. Music you have to listen to when it’s already dark outside and everybody goes to sleep. Then the beautiful beats from Darkstar, a trio from Manchester, will grab you in the balls and make you fall in love with music all over again! Darkstar makes some melancholic popsongs. Blending everything together starting from piano’s, crunchy beats, dubsteplike vibes and some soft synths. Together with the beautiful voice of James Buttery, this band gives you a lot of lovely music! After a lot of singles on 2010 Records, their debut album “North” is out on Hyperdub. Check out some tracks, thanks to youtube:

Darkstar – Gold

Darkstar – In The Wings

Enjoy this and enjoy winter!

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Posted: November 27th, 2010
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It looks like disco is taking over this blog and nothing indie is coming on this blog, but I promise a cool indiepost soon! The disco overload is because it’s the new (or already old?) hype and people are just giving their tracks away for free. Unbelieveble but true! Last post, we could offer you a free villa remix, and now we can give you another villa production! Everybody knows their “Beats of love” track from this summer and because of the succes, a remix ep is coming out. As a present, a free C90s remix is yours! A more relaxed and slow version of the track, but still catchy as hell! This remix ep is gonna be great! Get it:
Beats of Love (the c90s remix) by VILLA Soundcloud

We Have Band, the exciting electronic trio from the Uk are ready to release their 3rd single from their debutalbum, including some nice remixes! And like it’s coming a great tradition, one remix is offered for free! We can present you the Blamma! Blamma! remix of “Love, What you doing?” right here as a nice gift, also a bit disco style but with some electro touches! Go for it:

We have band – Love, What You Doing (Blamma! Blamma! remix)

Another free gift, and another disco tune. Or better a disco EP! I found out about this on SSSSOUND! so for all tracks, so all props out to them! Go to that great blog and read the nice text they’ve written, I couldn’t do it better and I’m feeling lazy, sorry about that… But I can tell you this: Azari & III + free ep = Winner!

Goodnight my friends!

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Posted: November 25th, 2010
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Great tracks!

Got some fabulous free tracks and previews for you! First up, let’s start with a really cool surprise: after a very long time, finaly not a mixtape but a very own made remix by The Magician!  New upcoming band The Aikiu got remixed by this wizard in truely 80s style and the result is really awesome! Check it out:

The Aikiu – The Red Kiss (The Magician “Precious 80s” Dub) by TheMagician

Another great remix out now is by Yuksek! The rusty blogs favourite is finally back with some new stuff and best part: it’s a free give-away! Still very poppy and with some disco influences (probably coming from The Krays, his project with Brodinski), Yuksek still knows which buttons to push on the exact right moment… You can get it on his blog or easier: just get it here!

Anything MARIA – Cook Him Up (Yuksek remix)

We’ve already got a free track from the upcoming Cut Copy CD ” Zonoscope” and now you can have a listen to another track called “Take Me Over”. Some people didn’t like the first track and will probably not like this one either. But who gives a damn, this song is catchy as hell and so cool! Can’t wait to hear the full album… We love Cut Copy!

Cut Copy – Take Me Over

Everybody has to know The Human League is back with some new stuff! A great synthpop band from the ’70-’80s known from their big hit “Don’t You Want Me“, a song TRB likes to sing along with out loud… Which means: Fucking great! Some youngsters might not know these guys (shame on you!) but that’s why THL asked some hip and cool producers to make a remix of their brand new song “Night People”. Cerrone, Mylo, Emperor Machine and Villa got the honour of doing so and to get your full attention , they give away the Villa remix! Hooray for that! The Human League album Credo’ is out in March 2011…

The Human League – Night People (Villa remix)

To close this post; another free remix! This time no discobeats but some hard and heavy shit! Superclubhit “Brrrat!” by Steve Aoki and Armand Van Helden got released on the (new) Belgian label Midnight Munchies. After that great succes, you can now get a big remix Ep, containing remixes by Bart B More, Beataucue, SonicC … and Le Petit Belge & Le Cheval. This last remix is available as a free download, just for you! Get it here:

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki – Brrrat! (Le petit Belge & Le cheval remix)



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Got some laidback and chilly discomusic for you guys, taking you back to an island in the sun… Balearic beat producers Villa are getting famous with their disco edit of “Beats of Love”. To celebrate that succes, a remix Ep will be released with some great remixes on it like this one by Mylo! Have a listen, it’s a faster version but keeps all the great elements like that funky piano and gives us more instrumental parts. Great stuff, we want a fast release of this EP! If you want to party with Villa and Mylo, go to this event!

Villa – Beats Of Love – Mylo remix by abracada

Soulwax already talked about The Living Islands on their Sound of Soulwax show on Studio Brussel a few days ago. TLI try to stay something mysterious but they actually are the people after Nid & Sancy en Galacticamendum, doing something new and going along with the disco-hype. It all sounds very promising, and they are so kind to offer us a free 320kps version of their song “Wishing”. Be fast, before it’s going offline… TLI make their live debutgig on Soulwaxmas in Belgium (December 11th). Be sure to check out their Tropical Doom remix for Words by Goose! Oh and check out their myspace, it looks really beautifull!

Wishing (Free Limited Soulwaxmas Download) MP3 320 Kbps by TheLivingIslands

GOOSE-WORDS (The Living Islands ≈Tropical Doom Remix≈) by TheLivingIslands

I’m ashamed I found this beauty just now… I’m sorry! Already 15 days on the internet waiting to be heared and loved… Jealov (from that beautiful mixtape a while back) made a really cool remix and offers it as a free download on soundcloud. Totally in the style of the mixtape, Sean Paul never sounded so good! Make it up with your ears now (who must be very angry, to withhold this track for so long) and listen to this beauty!

Sean Paul – TMPRTR (JEALOV remix) by Jealov

To close this post, we’ve got a peacefull track for you. Thursday, Gorillaz are building a big party in Antwerp and to get everybody prepared for that, we got something special. La.Gas.Ta. actually offered this cover: Gorillaz made their own version of “Crystalised” by The XX. Check it out, it’s cool. The original stays the best with those great vocals and bass, but this cover isn’t bad at all. Check it out:

Gorillaz – Crystalised (The XX cover)

Enjoy your sunday!

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People started complaining I didn’t post enough indie and rock music, so that’s why I made this post full of guitar violence and guitar strumming! First up some sweet and perfect indiemusic made by Iron & Wine. This lovely band is releasing a new album “Kiss Each Other Clean” on January 25th, after more than 3 long years! As a short preview, you can check out 37 seconds of a new track. Not very much but it sounds marvellous! Go check it out:

Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (preview)

Scottish post-rock band Mogwai is also about to release a new album called “Hardcore will never die, but you will.” A title that doesn’t imply a lot on their music because they make some very beautiful post-rock music (remeber the perfect song “The Sun Smells Too Loud”?). As a preview for their album, you can download a song called “Rano Pano” for free! It’s overloaded with rough guitars, but still has that great Mogwai spirit in it. You will enjoy this:

After this some typical indie mixed with some electronic elements. I’m talking about the new album “Dark Light” by Lovers. Some happy and cheerfull songs, you can put on repeat a whole day without them getting boring! Reminds me a bit of one of my favourite albums of 2010 by Allo Darlin’. Just something you got to check out, without hesitation! Go to their myspace, buy the album and listen to this cool track:

Lovers – Figure 8



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Hello, I got some nice electronics for you guys! First up a very cool mixtape by YRD?!. Not as most dj’s who collect the biggest bangers and put them in a row, but a high-class laidback tech-house mix with the best tracks around in the genre (no names, tracklist are overrated right?). Mixed smoothly with the best beats, what else could you want? Check it out:

YRD?! – Novemberset

Another mixtape but from a totally different genre: Noize Invaderz! Mixing some big trash bangers and dirty electro. Geht’s noch?, The Oddword; X-ettl,  Haezer… All the big violence and upcoming talents mixed in one tape, nice job! Check it out:

Noize Invaderz – Mixtape For Electro-News Blog

We got a nice dubstep remix made by Keire in our mailbox. Shontelle’s “Impossible” got thrown in a wobbly blender and as a result, so dubstepbeats with piano and vocals. Not bad at all!

Keire – Impossible

Another dubstep remix is made by the very popular Doctor P. He made a remix for Plan B’s “Love Goes Down” and it’s available as a free download. Just mention the name Doctor P and off course that track got already over 1000 downloads. Be quick before it reaches it’s download limit! The track starts off quiete boring and then starts some drumstep which is banging! Check it out:

Plan B – Love Goes Down – Doctor P remix

The Bloody Beetroots remix of the new Goose track was already posted as a youtube video and got a lot of views, so I searched some blogs and Chemical Jump offers a 192kps version as a download! Say thanks to CJ and get it here:

Goose – Can’t Stop Me Now – (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Enjoy these!

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Something for you?

Bethany Cosentino from Best coast, known for their summerish popsongs, made a track together with Nathan Williams from noiseband Wavves! Maybe a strange combination but the result is lovely. A very own christmassong called “Something for you” is a typical song for this period of the year and will sound perfect when everyone sits around the christmas three. Williams never sounded so sweet in a song, ever. This track is recorded for a project “The Christmas Gig” for the store Target, listen to all tracks here!


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