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Nathaniel – Poolhouse sunset musique.

9:00 PM // 27°C // Martini Bianco

It’s hot, sun is slowly fading away, you’re sipping from your Martini Bianco and you are surrounded by the ones you love the most.

Suddenly, the moment is there. The moment in which everybody realizes, this night will be remembered. It’s going to be a classic night. Out of the ordinary. You want to capture this moment forever and relive it each and every single day.

With this mix, you can. 2 hours of sunset musique, mixed by Nathaniel.
The perfect soundtrack to an ideal night full of sweaty soon-to-be-memories.


xx Nathaniel.

Couldn’t say it better than Nathaniel from Hector & Nate. That’s why i just say one more thing: Check out this very cool mixtape, you’ll have the time of your life!

POOLHOUSE sunset musique by Nathaniel-fromhandn

Posted: June 13th, 2011
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DJVC – The Main Plan.

DJVC is back with some new drum ‘n bass! And again it’s one big ass banger! Some disorted sounds with wicked bass make this one really heavy. And the best part? Free Fucking Download! Get it:


Posted: May 27th, 2011
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Yuksek – On a train.

Another funky dance video! This time the video is for the new Yuksek track “On a train” and it’s super! The track itself isn’t bad. But to be honest, Yuksek can do so much better… Well have to wait for the full album untill June 13th to find out.. And for the EP “On a train” (3 new tracks and “On a Train” remixes by The Magician, Gucci Vump and a cover by ALB) we will have to wait untill May 2nd. Excited!
What else can we tell about this? Well, apparently the Mega Mystery Band is Yuksek (trying to prove music is stronger than fame!). Another mystery solved! Let’s go!

Posted: April 16th, 2011
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Hi, got some mixtapes for you, you might enjoy! To continue the NYE party our to celebrate it’s January 3rd or if you got another reason to party… Or to just have a break will studying, here are the mixtapes:
Joltmix by joltmix

Joltmix made a nice mixtape with the less famous dancetunes. Actually it’s more like a selfmade radioshow, but with all quality tunes! Nice job and very nice tracks picked out!
Et Electro Pour Tous – 10 min best of 2010 ‘Megamix’ (29 tracks) by etelectropourtous

Et Electro Pour Tous promised us to get more into blogging again, but ’till then this guy made a nice electromixtape! 29 tracks in 10 minutes! Always cool how people make such tapes, so check it out and party for 10 minutes! It contains a lot of great 2010 tracks like “Body Jack”, “Blau” and “Superman”.

Electronicsmas end of 2010 by CoolMan

Mr CoolMan made a cool and classy mixtape! Some of the better beats from the likes of Wolfie, Herman Inglesos, Mumbai Science… got mixed together in one solid tape. At the end even some drum ‘n bass to go competely nuts. Nice track choise!

Darc Best of 2010 Mixtape by Darc
To end this post a very solid and cool mixtape with some more unconventional tracks. Some very nice housetunes and deep dubstep all mixed very smoothly. Check out the tracklist and start drooling…

Enjoy 2011!

The rusty blog

And as a bonus for people who don’t like al those dance beats, get a free track by Joan As Police Woman! She will release a new album on January 24th and gives you the lovely track “Magic” from her new album. Together with that you get two other free songs, but from her previous albums. Get it and love it!

Posted: January 3rd, 2011
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Some dancing stuff.

Got some dancing stuff in our mailbox; dubstep, electro, trash… A bit of everything, just for you! Nudge Nudge Nudge made an electro remix from “Last Christmas” by Wham. One of the most aweful and kitsch songs ever got a total make-over. Nudge Nudge Nudge is going Soulwax-style and gave this song a more cool attitude. Let’s all dance on these faltering beats!

Wham – Last Christmas (Nudge Nudge Nudge electro remix)

Electrotrashers Natsuko made a merry mixmas tape, especially for you guys! Check it out, it’s all mixed very smoothly and contains some big bangers!

Natsuko – Merry miXmas

To keep it in the harder genre, we got a free track from DJVC. This Belgian dubstepper is making progress with very big steps and becoming a great talent! His very own massive drumstep track is here and it’s oh so sick. Free downloadlink on his soundcloud! Check it out:

And as a last one, Skitch ‘n Hitch send us some new material: a preview from a new track, some mashups and one dope mixtape! We liked what we heared, maybe you will too… So check out those massive mashup and tape and dance!

We no speak americano funkjet – Skitch ‘n Hitch Mashup

Frenzy Tape. YaY (40 tracks in 10 minutes!)

Enjoy this all,

The rusty blog

Posted: December 27th, 2010
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Some heavy beats.

Rawk Records is about to release their 4th EP! Again with some rather unknown producers but all very talented! This time Nightadders made a track called “Tracktor Juice”, startin’ all beatboxlike, the bass kicks in around 15 seconds, after that a nice build-up and some raving sounds. Great track with a lot of diversity, especially loving the part starting from 1min45… It comes with two remixes, one by Vakkuum and one by Pandamic. Vakkuum is a hard one, the first bit isn’t that great but the second half of the song is banging! Pandamic got a full banger ready for us, liking his remix the most! This ep will probably be release as a free download starting from December 6th, so be ready! Untill then: have a listen:

Tracktor Juice Ep by Rawk Records

As a bonus, Shit Happens made a drumstep/dubstep/drum n bass remix of and old song made by some of their friends. It’s quite enjoyable, have a listen:
The Bukake Song (S*** Happens Quite Special Remix) by Shit Happens

Enjoy! the rusty blog

Posted: December 1st, 2010
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Checked our mailbox and got 4 great things for you guys! First up, a nice mixtape and some cool remixes made by the guys from Et Electro Pour Tous. A great electro blog, unfortunately a bit in the off-modus lately. But they make that up with you, by making these very cool remixes and tapes. We can offer you a lot of stuff, but we selected our favourites. If you want more than shown below: All EEPT shizzle can be checked out and downloaded on their soundcloud! Ready? Let’s go:

Et Electro Pour Tous – November mixtape

To begin with, a nice tape which mixes electro with dubstep and drum ‘n bass. Very nice job! Party hard!

Soda n Suds – Heavy (Et Electro Pour Tous Remix)

The same great drums as intro in this remix but with a little extra bleeps. I still prefer the original, but gotta admit this track can make a party go to the next partying level with the extra groovy touch…

Headz’ Up – Bomboclad (Et Electro Pour Tous remix)

Another crazy remix right here: the EEPT remix for Bomboclad by Headz’ Up. Again these guys add some very funky touch to this track!

Second producer is Polydor! He recently made a remix for Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki’s “Brrrat!” on the Midnight Munchies label. It sounds really promising, especially knowing it’s Polydors first release ever! You can listen to a preview, check the link below. To be honest, I don’t really love the original track but I do love this Polydor remix! You Like it too? Buy it on Beatport! And as a little extra, this guy made one very nice mixtape especially for you with some very hot tracks! Check it out, and discover Polydor’s talent! (and his second remix, this time for Audiofuns “Go”)

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki – Brrrat (Polydor Remix)

Polydor November mix

Third surprise for you guys: Talented Natsuko are back! Remixing South Central’s “Demons”, they attack us with another trashbomb! It’s hard, it’s crazy, it’s trash out of hell! Love! Listen on soundcloud or just get it here:

Natsuko – Demons (South Central voice)

Last but not least, we present you: Chip Banger Records! This record label gives you some cool and hard gameboy bleeps! Electro classics like “Pourriture 7″, “Phantom pt.1″ and “Testarossa rmx” are sounding so cool and original in these version! An promo Ep with these tracks is available as a free download, check the link below. But they also have a promising artist who released his first Ep! Bleepshit (suitable name!) shows his talent on the “Phase One” ep, which you can hear and buy here!

Chip Banger Records Vol​.​1 (free EP!)

Enjoy this hard stuff!

The rusty blog

Posted: November 27th, 2010
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party time!

If you’re going to a party tonight like me, I got some cool stuff to get you ready and set in a partymood! First track is quite a hard one: KC Blitz remix from wonderfull group White Russia. We already made a post about WR, but now we can offer you a free download! It’s not an original track but a big, fat electro track. The drop 1min54 is one big ass bass which will blow your mind! You’re warned, now dance! Prelisten at soundcloud!

White Russia – Charmless State (KC Blitz Remix)

Second track is a bit funkier and less hard. But that doesn’t mean it can’t destroy a dancefloor… The Sexinvaders already surprised us with a very nice edit from “Contact Me” by Boys Noize, and are back with a supereffective Hot Chip remix. Some new vocals, some chopped parts and some funky dance pieces, all together in this very nice edit:

Hot Chip – I Feel Better (The Sexinvaders Edit)

As a last track for today, I stumbled on some very nice disco! This is when the night comes to an end and everybody just wants to chill and relax. Some very nice bass, robotvoices and a really nice summer vibe! Drop Out Orchestra has a new album called ‘We Are Dropouts’ and is out on November 8th. But today you can find an exclusively release on Juno Download!

Drop Out Orchestra – Future Past (Short album version)

As a bonus I found a really great remix by Drop Out Orchestra on La.Ga.Sta, the best blog in the world! Rick Astley in a very cool disco version, love! Check it out:

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)


the rusty blog

Posted: October 25th, 2010
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Normally I didn’t want to write about the new Underworld album because you’ll probably find it on every blog out there. But this new cd “Barking” is so great I can’t do anything else than tell you about it. It wouldn’t be responsible of me not featuring this new album on The Rusty Blog. It’s not a record like “Second Toughest In The Infants”, which is full of classics, but it’s a great album full of very danceable tracks. And full of favourites, it’s very hard to recommend you one song. I can mention “Hamburg Hotel” as my least favourite track and tell you “Always Loved A Film” and “Bird 1″ could probably be two of my favourite dance tracks of 2010. But I won’t rig your opinion about Barking. Just listen to it (first buy it of course!) and let the dancing start! 58 minutes you’ll be in the heaven of pounding dance and techno music, not the hard stuff you sometimes connect Underworld with, but some lovely beats with the best electronics found this month! Even some Drum and bass made with High Contrast! That’s the last fact I must mention: the co-productions on this record. Just to name a few: High Contrast, D. Ramirez, Dubfire, Paul van Dyk… Have a listen and enjoy!

Underworld – Always Loved A Film

Posted: September 19th, 2010
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Face Mud.

The guys from S*** Happens made some nice progress and a great switch in style. Starting with their OK Mash-ups based on Pon de Floor, they changed and got more hardcore with some heavy dubstep and drum n bass! They’ve put some tracks on their soundcloud, some are still to be mastered but from hearing what’s already online, those tracks will be pure awesomeness! “Face Mud” gives you one of the craziest dubstep tracks I’ve heard this year (okay that’s not a lot but from what I’ve heard, this one kicks ass). Shit Happens made this track together with the talented DJVC and it will probably be released on the DVS label. It’s not just some wobbly bass, this shit is hard! Another great track is “Soft Ice”, a laidback drum and bass track with a wobbly vibe, tight drums and a great groove. If you want a free download by these guys, check out their remix from classic track “Kung Fu Fighting”

Sh*** Happens Soundcloud

Party on!

The rusty blog

Posted: August 25th, 2010
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